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Could a Fresh Shopfit Increase Your Profits?

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Having a complete store fitting done and replacing your shop equipment can be an expensive venture.  But if done correctly, it can pay off with increased sales.  To learn if a new shopfit could help your retail venture, you need to consider a few things.  Before you make a decision about whether to do a whole store fitting or just replace some shop equipment, consider these points.

  • What is your return per square metre? How does it compare with your industry and local norms?  If you think your store needs freshening up but your return per square metre is above average for your niche and geographic location, it might make sense to simply replace any worn out retail display units or retail shelving.
  • Are you striving to improve customer flow through the space?  Look for any dead space, areas that are not well used and perhaps need to be redesigned.  Consider how items are grouped and arranged.  Does it make sense?  The goal is to entice shoppers from one section to the next without frustrating them.
  • A shopfit is about more than just retail display units and shop equipment.  Think about lighting.  Will you need to change the lighting when you do a store fitting?  Or would just changing the lighting be enough?
  • When you are preparing your budget for a shopfit, remember that if you move your retail shelving, it might expose a contrast between worn areas of the floor and places that have been protected by your shop equipment.  Will you need to replace the flooring?

When you are considering a having a new store fitting, you have to think carefully about the cost.  Consult with experienced professionals to get a good idea of all of the costs involved, and set a target for how of an increase you would need to see in your return per square metre.  A fresh shopfit could make better use of your space, allowing you to fit in more merchandise and arrange it in a more appealing way.  You could develop better storage strategies to create more retail floor space.  And you can use eye-catching new retail display units to increase impulse spending.  A new store fitting is a significant investment, but it can be one that is well worth making.