Armco Safety Crash Barrier Systems​

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Armco Safety Crash Barrier protects people, assets, and property against injury and damage from a moving vehicle.

“When installing Armco there are numerous options to consider”

Armco barrier is widely used for low impact and low-speed applications, across industries such as:

  • Car Parks
  • Industrial
  • Residential
  • Warehouse
  • Pharma
  • Logistics & Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail

Barrier Beams

  • Beams are supplied in 3.5m lengths (3.2m effective)
  • 310mm high
  • 3mm galvanised steel thickness
  • 85mm deep (front to back)
  • Weight 40kg
Double Ended Armco Safety Crash Barrier Systems

Posts / Legs

The versatility of an Armco Crash Barrier allows it to be used as a single or a multiple height barrier.

The posts/legs can be either bolted down, or cast into the ground.

Handrail extensions can be added for effective pedestrian protection and safety.

Bolt Down

Posts are available in “Z” or “RSJ” type, with various heights to order from:

  • 560mm
  • 760mm
  • 1100mm

When ordering, please specify if a single / double beam is required, as posts are typically drilled for single beam as standard.

Cast In

  • Cast in RSJ post are used for a permanent fix into the concrete. 
  • For potted legs, you will need at least “300mm x 300mm x Dept of leg+100mm” concrete foundation.
  • *** Please note, SVL does not currently offer installation on potted posts ***
Cast in to concrete Armco safety crash barrier system in a warehouse courtyard

Armco Safety Crash Barrier - Corners

Armco 90° external corner

External 90° Corner

Armco 90° internal corner

Internal 90° Corner

Flexible Armco Corner

Armco Safety Crash Barrier - Accessories

Armco Safety Barriers are finished with a terminal end.

The most common type of terminal for a safety barrier is the Galvanised Fishtail end.

Armco legs adapted to carry an integral handrail for effective pedestrian protection.
Armco end accessory types on a carousel gif

We offer Pedestrian Friendly Ends, Safety End Caps, Polymer Fishtails, Rubber End Caps.

Pedestrian protection handrail addon is also available.


– Fishtail Terminal

– Pedestrian End

– Safety End

Galvanised Steel

– Fishtail Terminal

– Pedestrian End

– Bullnose


– End Cover

Armco Safety Crash Barrier - Safety Standards

Our Armco barrier is manufactured to meet BS6399 and BS6180:1999 British Safety Standards and are galvanised to EN ISO1461

*Please note*, our Armco barrier is ‘off-road’ certified. Not for use in high traffic areas.

Ireland’s #1 Armco Safety Crash Barrier Experts

From Dublin to Belfast – that’s how much Armco crash barrier we’ve supplied to new and existing warehouses to date.

We are Ireland’s premier impact protection and damage prevention provider, for advice on all barrier systems, or to place an order, please call us on:

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