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Which is the best bollard?

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To decide which is the best, is necessary to get to know what is a bollard? A bollard is a vertical post or similar structure that defines areas while providing impact protection. Bollards are used to separate pedestrians or streetscape elements from vehicles. By placing them in a line, bollards are used to prevent motor vehicles from encroaching on pedestrian spaces such as footpaths or plazas. At SVL we have a range of bollards available to suit a variety of applications, including car parks, warehouses, traffic lanes, and pedestrian walkways.

The best way to understand how to protect your premises is to choose the proper bollard. In our range we have many options that can fit any situation, therefore we selected the top 3 of our bollards and how they can be applied.

First up is the FlexCore Safety Bollard, safer and stronger for heavy-duty designed and patented by McCue. This bollard has spins, absorbs, and deflects the impacts. These yellow polymer safety bollards direct forces into the shock-absorbing load rings and along the tensile solid steel rods. Patented, energy-absorbing design withstands impacts, without damaging the concrete floor like other static systems. Secret fix and hidden hardware,  avoiding dirt and debris build-up. Low maintenance, easy to clean.

SVL’s Flexi traffic bollards, AKA the delineator bollard, provide a durable parking post for demarcation in a multitude of situations. Suited to car parks, delivery yards, warehouses, or on roadways. The highly flexible nature of our recovery posts makes them one of the best impact recovery solutions on the market. Flexible traffic bollard has 4 reflective warning bands, therefore, improving safety. Demarcate prohibited areas or separate lanes of traffic.  The delineator bollard flexes on impact and returns to an upright position.

The last one is the Stainless Steel bolt-down bollard will not only form protective walkways, and protect glazing and building fabrics, but will also look great. Stronger filled with concrete, give extra protection for entrances or venerable parts. For better results, it is necessary that the ground has an adequate foundation.

In addition to steel bollards, we have available the Plastic Bollard Post Sleeve, this cover is cost-effectively made in LDPE durable plastic sleeves to protect steel bollards from weathering & erosion. No Maintenance, re-painting, or rust. On our site it is possible to get them in different colours, the installation is simple just sliding it over the existing steel bollard.

Our Parking Posts & Bollards Range: galvanized steel, warehouse safety, heavy-duty, plastic, flexible, parking, fold down, and delineator bollards are available for sale. If you need assistance or guidance on how to protect your people and property, get in touch today.  Visit or call us (0)1 257 2260