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Finding Handrails for Awkward Spaces

Handrails in awkward situation

Today, elderly people and those with limited mobility aren’t sitting at home isolated.  Public spaces are being reimagined to make them more accessible for everyone.  Handrails are a simple way to make your shop, office or clinic safer and more comfortable.  With a good modular handrail system such as Interclamp, you can devise precisely what you need.  Some spaces, particularly in older buildings, are a bit awkward.  But using a modular handrail system allows you to customize the handrails to fit the space.  You don’t have to leave any spaces without handrails with this bespoke solution.

It isn’t only the elderly and disabled populations who need handrails.  Anyone can be injured or become ill and find that a handrail makes visiting a business much easier.  Handrails are important for stairs too, both indoors and outdoors.  They can help prevent accidents, and people generally feel more secure knowing they are there in case of a slip or trip.  Children too need handrails on stairs.  And Ireland’s wet climate means surfaces both outdoors and inside near entrances can become very slippery.

How a Modular Handrail System Works for You

You assemble a modular handrail system with the precise size and shape components that you require for your specific space.  You can design precisely the handrails you need to fit the dimensions.  Some older buildings can have awkward spaces, especially if they have been remodelled to accommodate modern offices.  But a modular handrail system is extremely flexible.

You can purchase components you need.  The Interclamp brand offers joinings beyond the basic T and X options.  They supply adjustable knuckle connections and adjustable T connections so you can position the railings at the exact angle you need.  Interclamp also manufactures double swivel joinings for both corners and flat spaces.  These allow you to change the angle of a rail at any point where it is needed.  

Before installing handrails, you should check the local building regulations to ensure you are purchasing the modular handrail components that meet the criteria for your building’s use.  Buildings that host large crowds such as stadiums and concert halls need handrails that can withstand more use and abuse than the handrails in a small clinic or high street shop, for example.