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Finding the Right Nursing Home Wall Protection

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With so many options on the market, how do you know which is the best nursing home wall protection?  Yes, it must offer excellent damage protection.  But it must also look appropriate.  Hospital damage protection equipment can often look institutional, and with patients only staying a short time for care, that is fine.  But a nursing home is just that – a home.  And a stainless steel wall protector does not really look like home.  

Nursing home wall protection needs to be functional in two ways.  It must offer heavy duty wall protection, and it must also look homey rather than institutional.  Ideally it will also blend in with the hospital handrails and bed protectors.  The goal is really to serve the nursing home resident’s physical and emotional needs.  And an overly institutional atmosphere can cause residents to feel anxious and uncomfortable.

Most nursing home residents understand they are there for the duration of their lives.  They know they are no longer able to live independently.  This is a painful realization.  And the decoration and atmosphere of the nursing home should be sensitive to this.  It should be designed to provide the practical care and accommodate medical equipment, trolleys and wheelchairs.  Items such as carts of medical equipment or medication and trolleys will knock into the walls, so hospital damage prevention measures are important.  But it is equally important that things look right and contribute to a comfortable, welcoming environment for residents, many of whom would rather be in their own homes if that were a safe option for them.

Hospital Damage Protection That Looks Great

Gradus Wall Protection Ireland offers a range of options that can suit any environment or décor.  Offering excellent protection, this line includes a choice of 34 standard colour options.  This means it can blend in and even enhance the décor at any facility.  Instead of looking institutional and drab, this nursing home wall protection can brighten up a room and create a cheerful, homey look.  Gradus Wall Protection Ireland also offers a range of wood, metal and composite finishes.  For a very customized alternative, they can also do a bespoke printed design.

Rub rails offer protection to walls where seating or other furniture or equipment is prone to repeated contact with the wall.  That contact leads to wear and tear, and can also cause more obvious damage if the wall is unprotected.  

Walls are not the only area of a nursing home that need hospital damage protection products.  Doors also get hit with trolleys.  And doors see a lot of wear and tear with people pushing them open.  Gradus Wall Protection Ireland also offers a range of PVC-u kickplates and pushplates for doors.  These can be colour coordinated with the nursing home wall protection.