Flexible Parking Post Impact Recovery SV1000 – Orange

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SVL offer a flexible range of plastic parking posts that can be used in a multiple of situations, whether in car parks, delivery yards, warehouses or on roadways. 

These plastic parking posts are one of the best impact recovery solutions on the Irish market. Flexible bollards are manufactured from a highly durable polyurethane material, impact recovery posts are perfect for closing off important areas while keeping highly visible when in position.


The flexible impact recovery posts can be supplied with a range of accessories:

  • Flexible Parking Posts have the option of attaching signs that show different messages to the public, including ‘No Parking’, ‘No Entry’ as well signs that can indicate for traffic to keep left or right.
  • Another option for the parking posts are blank signs which allow the user to portray their own message by using their own personalised stickers or labels
  • Other accessories for flexible parking posts are adaptor and the Eyelet for Chains.  The parking post adaptors can be installed quickly and easily into the top of the parking posts which then in turn allow for the installation of the signs.
  • The Flexible post Eylet for Chains allow the customer to install a hoop in the top of the parking recovery post.  This allows the customer to combine the impact recovery posts with chains, excellent for demarcating out of bounds areas

The Flexible  Impact Recovery bollard and it’s accessories are perfect for using in all sorts of locations.

SVL supply and installed flexible parking posts as part of our package of traffic calming solutions. For more details on parking posts or any of our range of traffic calming products please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01-2572260 or alternatively call to our showrooms in Rathcoole, Dublin.

Product Description

Flexible Parking Post SV1000 -Impact Recovery Bollard

  • SVL Plastic parking posts are highly flexible and will  spring back into place after impact
  • Plastic parking posts will withstands cars, trucks or forklifts driving over them on an ongoing basis
  • Flexible plastic parking posts are ideal for demarcating out of bounds areas or separating lanes of traffic
  • Flexible parking posts are extremely visible with highly reflective warning bands
  • Plastic parking posts are quick and easy to install directly into the ground

SVL supply and install a wide range of traffic calming products across the island of Ireland.

  • 1000mm tall
  • 4 reflective  bands
  • Ideal for road demarcation or delineation

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