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Wall, Corner, Door & Handrail Protection Guide 2021

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What Causes Wall Damage & Maintenance?

Everyday damage to hospital interiors and corridor walls is typical, we would class these impact types as medium-duty:  pedestrians, wheelchairs, beds, chairs, trolleys, luggage and mobile equipment.

The constant maintenance, repair and refurbishment of paintwork, plasterwork, woodwork and damaged doors aren’t just frustrating and expensive, it can also lead to an accident or fall, dirt and bacteria.

Wall Collisions and Impacts Types Explained

• Points of impact easily identifiable
• Damage is obvious and occurs in predictable patterns
• Commonly specified in existing buildings
• Suitable solution for refurbishment projects where the damaged areas are known

• Damage is difficult to predict
• Types and levels of traffic are unknown
• Commonly specified in new buildings
• Suitable for new builds where damage is trickier to predict

Wall Damage & Repairs

Why repair damaged healthcare walls?

A wall surface that is not smooth is not cleanable and is also an infection and bacteria concern. Damaged materials must be repaired or replaced to provide a cleanable hygienic surface.


Nursing Home Wall protection Article

How much does it cost to repair a damaged wall?

The price to hire a handyman or wall repair contractor for standard wall damage repair:

  • Materials €20 – 50
  • Approx 4 hours/€45 per hour = €180
  • Total Cost = €230

Types of Impact Protection and Damage Prevention

Hospital impact protection is designed to deflect impact and warn of extruding corners, edges, and vulnerable walls. They are used in many different hospital and healthcare receptions and corridors to help prevent injury, dirt leading to infection, protect walls and help prevent wear & tear.

Door Protection

‘Fully Clad’ with SureProtect Endure® thermoformed / post formed edges applied to new doors by the door manufacturer. The provision of intumescent fire and smoke seals provided by the door manufacturer. Usually formed and bonded by one of a door specialist

Custom PVC door protection and kick plates are 2mm thick and manufactured from impact-resistant PVC-u which is through-coloured and textured to conceal the effects of impact and abrasion. It is easy to clean and provides a cost-effective way to reduce maintenance costs and maintain the appearance of a building. Available in 35 standard colours. SureProtect Endure can be used in sheet form for total wall coverage or can be cut into rub rails or kick plates, or into bespoke designs.

It can also be thermoformed to produce bespoke profiles such as corner guards, column guards or door edge and door frame protectors.

Steel door handle push plates, perfect for schools, pharmaceutical and healthcare to retail, commercial office, leisure and hospitality.


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions: length: 350mm x width: 75mm
  • Thickness:1.5mm

Steel door kick plates, perfect for schools, pharmaceutical and healthcare to retail, commercial office, leisure and hospitality.


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Thickness:1.5mm

Handrails & Bumper Rails

What Are Bumper Rails?

Bumper rails or crash rails play a vital role in protecting walls as they dissipate impact energy along the length of the rail, without compromising the wall fixings.


Handrails need to be easily identified and located for support and wayfinding and should be selected in a colour that has a Light Reflectance Value (LRV) that contrasts 30 points different from the surrounding surface


Meet the guidance for distance from the wall and bracket clearance. British Standard Health Building Notes 00-04 and 00-10 (Department of Health Estates & Facilities)


Reveals should be assembled tight, have neat joints and contain an anti-microbial agent to inhibit the growth of bacteria


Dementia Design Accredited Product. Products are designed to help meet specification guidelines including British Standard Building Regulations 2010 -Approved Document M and Approved Document K; BS 8300-2:2018, HBN 00-09 and HBN 00-03

Crash Rail

Ideally, pick a handrail & bumper rail combo that offers both direct and indirect protection against impacts from chairs, and wheeled/pedestrian traffic


Meet guidance for dimensions in relation to grip diameter, and choose a material that isn't cold to grip

Wall Guards & Strips

What is a wall guard?

A wall guard is a wall protection product designed to protect the length of a wall, such as a hallway or a corridor, from damage. … These items are commonly referred to as bumper guards, wall guards, crash rails, or chair rails depending on the manufacturer

Guards (Green)

  • A modular system comprising PVC-u covers, aluminium retainers and PVC-u accessories
  • Reveals provide tight, neat joints and contain an anti-microbial agent to inhibit the growth of bacteria
  • Replaceable, through-coloured, easy-to-clean covers
  • Continuous retainer provides rigid support whilst allowing the cover to flex, absorbing the effects of an impact

Strips (Orange)

  • Can be used along the entire length of a wall or cut down into kickplates or push plates
  • Scratch and stain resistant PVC-u is through-coloured and textured to conceal the effects of impact and abrasion
  • Available with tape for quick and easy installation, or without tape for installing with a suitable adhesive
  • Light-duty

Hygienic Cladding & PVC Wall Protection Panels

Specifically developed for areas where cleanliness and hygiene is a priority, SureProtect Pure® creates an impermeable barrier to moisture and bacteria. The smooth, easy to clean surface is an excellent hygienic alternative to ceramic tiles, removing the need for grout which can harbour bacteria. SureProtect Pure® is manufactured from PVC-u material that has been extensively tested to ensure suitability in hygienic environments. The product adheres to guidance set out in The Health Building Note 00-09 and the Food Standards Agency, making it the perfect solution for healthcare environments and commercial kitchens. It is also ideal for sport and leisure facilities, food manufacturing environments, pharmaceutical laboratories, dentist practices, veterinary surgeries and bathrooms.

SureProtect Endure® PVC-u sheet is through coloured and textured to conceal the effects of impact and abrasion. It can be specified as a stand-alone product or be combined with other Gradus wall protection products to create a comprehensive protection system. Specifying SureProtect Endure® helps to reduce the need to repair and re-paint wall surfaces and with minimal maintenance, optimises the appearance retention of the building interior. It is commonly specified in environments exposed to high levels of pedestrian traffic such as corridors and circulation areas, canteens, classrooms and waiting areas.

PVC rub rails can be used to provide a cost-effective solution to protect entire wall lengths or surfaces exposed to impact and abrasion. They can also be used to protect walls behind items such as tables and chairs, to prevent damage occurring from furniture movement. 

Modern and stylish in appearance, SureProtect Design® highlights building interiors whilst still offering excellent surface protection. Finishes include wood effects, metals and bespoke prints to accommodate any interior design theme. Ideal for applications where aesthetics is important such as reception areas, leisure facilities, hotel lobbies, retirement homes and university campuses.

Corner & Bed Head Protection

Bed head protector bumper guards for hospitals and nursing homes, prevent wall and machinery damage

Why not check out our hospital protection range: wall strips, handrails, door protection, hygienic cladding, stainless steel protectors and

Hospital protection video case study, courtesy of Gradus Limited

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