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Load Your Loading Bay with Wall Protection

Wall protection - Bay Warehouse

The loading bay isn’t an area that shoppers really study.  But they will notice if it looks damaged and run down.  A loading bay in bad shape doesn’t do much for staff morale either.  It is an area where a structure can suffer a lot of damage, and fixing it isn’t cheap or easy.  Protecting your loading bay with PVC corner protectors, steel bollards, aluminium checkerplate and other forms of wall protection is a good investment.  It saves both the expense of repairing physical damage and the damage done to a store’s image when any part of the structure looks neglected and run down.

The loading bay is a busy area.  Lorries can dinge the walls, and pallets can also knock against various surfaces.  And safety is an issue too.  You need quality non-slip flooring, and the area must be dry to protect both workers and merchandise.  It’s easy to focus on the flooring and overlook the walls.  But wall protection matters.

Finding the Best Wall Protection for Loading Bays

Corners are a vulnerable part of any structure, and they require a specific form of wall protection.  PVC corner protectors resist damage while looking good.  Corner protection is important throughout a store, and PVC corner protectors are an excellent solution for all areas.

Bollards can demarcate the loading area from the car park, keeping everyone safely where they should be.  They can also act as bumper rails to provide extra wall protection when they are positioned alongside a wall.  Galvanized steel bollards are super tough and can endure a lot of punishment.  They are suitable for outdoors and for sheltered areas.

Aluminium checkerplate is an environmentally friendly option that offers protection from moisture as well as knocks and dings.  It’s lightweight, so it is ideal for many situations.  The textured surface of aluminium checkerplate resists damage and keeps the surface looking fresh.  No need to paint or to worry.  Aluminium checkerplate comes in a range of sizes with thickness ranging from 2 mm to 4.5 mm.

Painting chipped walls repeatedly gets expensive, and it is difficult to keep up with damage if you have a busy loading bay.  Wall protection equipment such as PVC corner protectors, steel bollards and aluminium checkerplate can save a lot of grief over time.  They look great even if they regularly take a beating.  For low maintenance wall protection solutions, these three items are hard to beat.

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