Corner Protection

SVL provide a wide range of corner protection solutions including PVC, aluminium, stainless steel and rubber that are available in various lengths and wing size to meet your requirements. These corner protectors can be used for health care facilities, retail space, stockrooms, car parks and food preparation areas.

Corners are one of the most vulnerable areas of a building and PVC-u corner guards are available in a variety of styles and heights to suit any protection requirement. Our heavy duty rubber corner protectors are used to protect both pillars and cars in busy underground car parks.

The corner protectors are useful for reducing maintenance costs and maintaining interior appearances in environments ranging from education, healthcare and pharmaceutical through to commercial office, retail, hospitality and transport.

Damaged corners can harbour dirt and bacteria and are difficult to clean. The installation of corner guards therefore improves hygiene through damage limitation. They can be installed onto damaged corners, concealing existing damage and preventing further damage.

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Showing 1–12 of 18 results

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