Rubber Speed Ramps & Cushions

SVL install and supply speed ramps, bumps and cushions across Ireland. Our specialist fitters are health and safety certified. SVL have a complete traffic calming and car park safety solutions range.

Our rubber speed ramps, humps and cushions are cost-effective that give you years of high performance with low maintenance. Speed ramps are designed to improve pedestrian and driver safety and reduce the risk of accidents on private residential streets, driveways and car parks. Speed ramps and bumps can be used in all areas where cars and pedestrians come together.

Car Park Safety & Traffic Calming How-to Guide 2021

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Pedestrian crossing ramps, speed ramps, humps, bumps and cushions. Ireland supplier, graphic shows our 5 star supplier rating

If you need assistance or guidance on how to protect your people and property, get in touch today. Damage is inevitable, workplaces are unpredictable, SVL solutions are essential.

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Showing 1–12 of 16 results