Armco Barrier – Flexi Corner

Armco Barrier – Flexi Corner

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Armco Barrier Flexi Corners:

Steel crash safety barriers can be sent in different directions with the use of Armco corners. If you need your barrier to go in a different angle,other than a 90 degree right angle, use the Flexi Corner. The Flexi Corner can be carefully bent to meet your onsite needs. Flexi Corners are available in either internal or external options.

Armco steel crash barriers protects your people, your assets, and your property. Typically used in car parks, warehouses, delivery yards, stockrooms and distribution centres.


Armco Flexi Corners are bolted to beams using 16nr M16 connecting bolts


Galvanised and coated with a layer of zinc to help protect from rusting. Meets BS6399 and BS6180:1999


Examples of usage: car parks, warehouses, delivery yards, stockroom and distribution centres