Armco Potted Posts

Armco Potted Posts

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Armco Posts:

Armco Crash Barrier potted (cast-in) Posts are available to order in RSJ or Z profiles. The RSJ are the most popular and provide robust support for your barrier system. Z posts are lighter duty. Posts should be positioned at 3.2m, or 1.6m centres.


Potted / Cast-in / Dig-in. A potted post requires ground excavation which can then be backfilled with appropriate aggregate to secure in position. we do not currently offer installation services on potted post set up.


Guardrail Posts are galvanised and coated with a layer of zinc to help protect from rusting.

Meets BS6399 and BS6180:1999


Not suited for roadside application. Primarily used in car parks, warehouses, delivery yards, stockroom and distribution centres