Chain Traffic Separator

The chain traffic separator is an element of road safety used for temporary or permanent separation of part of road lane during roadworks. It can be used to change the organization of the movement. Also used in car parks to fence off individual areas by traffic.

The use of chain traffic separator:

1. Isolation along the roadway, the pedestrian area,

2. Narrowed lane marking, e.g. during renovation,

3. The separation of the lanes,

4. As a curb strapping to irregular shaped islands,

5. Emergency lane marking,

6. In parking lots to separate areas excluded from the traffic

7. Arranging flowerbeds, green islands, flower islands, etc

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The Chain traffic separator is a robust separator that can be attached permanently to the ground using screws & dowels creating a durable stable structure that wont crack, even at low winter temperatures.

Material : Rubber Granulate

Dimensions : 600mm (l) x 160mm (w) x 160mm (h) – Weight 11kg

Colours Available : Black / Red / White / Yellow




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