Elevator Guard

The elevator barrier is a complete modular unit that can link together to form larger units. The elevator guard is a fold-away barrier system made from durable polyethene plastic. The elevator guard has non-conductive telescopic poles, they’re stored inside the barriers. Elavtor barrier is lightweight yet extremely strong and is suitable for 1300mm openings.

  • Supplied in sets of 2 or 3 panels
  • Each panel is 1100mm high x 660mm wide x 40mm thick
  • Weight: approx 4kg
  • Telescopic poles extend to above FFL2.2m

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Elevator Guard Features:


    1.1 metre high elevator guard complies to health and safety regulations BS7255:2001, ISO7010 and recommendation PM26 Specification


    Non conductive, telescopic poles stored inside the barriers and is lightweight yet extremely strong and is suitable for 1300mm openings


    Elevator guards come with“No Admittance Authorised Personnel Only


    Barrier’s best defence is being seen, yellow high-vis with red / white warning signage

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