Rubber Speed Bumps Discs (GH-Disc)

Rubber Speed Bumps that will increase the level of safety for a wide range of road users. Perfect for areas where the speed limit is associated with unique road safety: residential road, gas stations, shopping centres and car parks.

Disc dimensions: H 50mm x W 500mm x L 400mm (Weight) 3.5 kg

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Rubber Speed Bumps Discs’ Features:


    Yellow and black discs


    Perfect for low-level residential traffic such as residential roads, petrol stations, shopping centres and car parks.


    Vulcanized rubber, high-performance and abrasion resistance.


    Speed bumps are quick and easy to install, as a result, ideal for permanent and temporary roads.

In addition to the Rubber Speed Bumps Discs, there are other products in our Car Parks & Traffic Range: speed ramps and speed bumps, crash barrier systems, post protectors, convex mirrors, bike racks and shelters.

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