Rubber Tactile Surface Plate (GH-B )

Rubber tactile surface plates

The G&H rubber braille plates are flexible and extremely durable. When applying to existing concrete or asphalt surfaces it is recommended to use an adhesive polymer. The recommended colour of the plate is yellow as its the most recognised colour for the visually impaired. Laboratory experiments have shown that the G&H rubber plate is resistant to frost, road salt and aging.

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Rubber tactile paving (also called truncated domes, detectable warnings, Tactile Ground Surface Indicators, detectable warning surfaces) is a system of round rubber surface indicators found in pedestrian walking locations such as footpaths, stairs and train station platforms to assist pedestrians who are visually impaired .

Rubber tactile warnings by Geyer & Hosaja provide a distinctive surface pattern of truncated domes that are detectable underfoot which are used to alert the visually impaired of approaching streets and hazardous surface or grade changes.

The Geyer & Hosaja rubber Braille or tactile plate is made from vulcanised rubber. The tactile rubber braille surface facilitates the movement of persons with disabilities. Rubber tactile plate is an element of road safety for pedestrian safety which gives a sure surface to help in the prevention of slips and falls. The advantages of our tactile plate is that is can be installed without interfering with the existing pavement.

Our tactile rubber plate comes in the following size:

600mm  x 300mm x 0.65-0.45cm ( plate structure tabs 35mm diameter & 6.5mm high)

Recommended locations:

Pedestrian Crossings, Bus, Train, Luas & Metro Stations



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