Minder Man

The Minder Man safety sign is for use in all public places: supermarkets & supermarkets, fast food restaurants, hospitals, schools, airports etc. Signs are available in different languages. Caution barrier can be used as a stand-alone or linked together. The barrier is very light and robust, it’s foldaway and stacks flat for easy storage. The yellow barrier is near unbreakable and is high-vis safety.

Six messages provided: Caution – Out of Service / Caution – Wet Floor / Temporarily Closed /Danger – Keep Out
Cleaning in Progress /Caution – Work Area.

  • Size: 1030mm x 780mm x 26mm
  • Weight 2.5kg

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Wet Floor barrier Features:


    Wet floor barrier is a free-standing foldaway solution


    Caution barrier panels can link together with snap-on hinges to enclose any shaped area


    “Caution” symbol, black and yellow colours across the top or red and white reflective for outdoor use


    Caution barrier fits HSE’s recommendation on avoiding slips and trips when cleaning

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In addition to wet floor barriers, other products for sale in our Maintenance Barriers Range: minder man, elevator guard, titan expanding barrier, pedestrian barriers, contractors work barrier, and systems protector.

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