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Protect Your Landscaping this Summer

Car park - Landscaping

Spring has been slow to start, but now the sun is out more often and finally plants are starting to bloom.  What do people see when they arrive at your retail premises?  Have you put in any attractive landscaping?  Maybe you have a few trees in the car park or some flowering shrubs around the perimeter.  Whatever you’ve done to make your premises more attractive, you want it to stay that way with the right damage prevention equipment.

Summer brings out some hazards as well as the sun.  Along with the fresh greenery and flowers, we get those few individuals who don’t seem to notice the actual entrance to your location and barge across the landscaped areas, stomping on your groundcover.  Bored youth can apparently mistake your car park for the town park and park themselves there, leaving behind a mound of litter.  Or worse still, they can decide your car park makes an awesome skate park.  Damage prevention is a proactive approach to protecting your landscaping and car park with steel barriers and bollards.

Damage Prevention for Landscaping

When the weather is poor, people are generally driving to your location.  But when the sun comes out, if you are in a residential area, you are likely to see more foot traffic.  And some of that foot traffic will try to take a short cut across your landscaped areas.  Bollards are a good way to designate the route you want them to take to your entrance, but steel barriers such as the Armco crash barrier, are what will keep them out of the landscaping.  An Armco crash barrier will also stop any out of control cars from driving up on your landscaped areas.

Youth loitering in the car park are a harder problem to solve.  One extra benefit of using bollards and steel barriers instead of cement walls is that they are not comfortable seating.  Good lighting and good design are two important tactics.  Make sure your car park does not have any dark corners or crannies that give people a place to lurk out of sight.  Making surfaces less appealing for skateboarding also helps.  Perhaps the most important strategy for making your car park uninviting for youth is to have a human presence.  Assign staff to patrol the car park frequently and to be seen doing tasks outside the store.  A watchful eye is a powerful damage prevention tool.