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Protecting the Smallest Shoppers

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Let’s be honest.  A toddler in the store is no one’s idea of a good time, least of all the parent’s.  Yes, they are adorable.  And in the right humour, a two or three year old child will brighten the day of everyone whose path she crosses.  But we’ve all seen a little one hit their limit with shopping and pitch the kind of fit that sends people fleeing.  Small children are curious, impulsive and emotional.  While those are great traits in the adults shopping with you, the don’t bode well for little ones.  They can lead to upset and injury.  But as a retailer, you can take steps to make your shop safer for those little tornado toddlers.  And it is in everyone’s best interest that you do.

Finger Protection

Anyone can get their fingers pinched in a door, but it’s more likely to be a child.  They just don’t have the awareness to keep their fingers out of harm’s way.  But you can install finger protection.  A finger protector is a sort of shield that prevents those little fingers from squeezing into the space between the hinged side of a door and the door frame.  Fingersafe Ireland make a range of door finger protectors to suit the doors to cafes, toilets and fitting rooms in shops.  Installing finger protectors from Fingersafe Ireland makes shopping safer for small children and less stressful for parents.

Baby Safety Seat

Stores that use trolleys with baby seats have already solved the problem of where baby can safely relax while parents shop.   But not all shops have trolleys.  Many clothing and accessory stores don’t have trolleys.  And more and more parents use baby slings and carriers to take their children out and about.  But where can they safely put their baby to try on clothes or make up samples?  Certainly not on the floor!  A baby safety seat is the answer.  And please remember that daddies take babies shopping and try on clothing too.  The men’s fitting rooms should have at least one unit with a baby safety seat.

Making shops safer for small children means their parents can relax and enjoy their shopping experience.  Relaxed parents can look around more, and that means they are likely to buy more.  Door finger protection and baby safety seats are a good investment that will pay off over time.

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