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Why Your Car Park Needs Traffic Calming Products

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Your business might have only a small car park.  You might not be dealing with boy (and girl) racers tearing around it.  But you still need traffic calming products such as rubber speed ramps, traffic bollards and protection barriers.  Car parks are notorious places for fender benders.  There are a few reasons for that.  

Both drivers and pedestrians in your car park are distracted.  Drivers are looking for a parking spot and thinking about the errand they are running.  Pedestrians are also preoccupied with their shopping.  Either could be on their mobile phone or dealing with unruly children.  Your car park needs to be designed to focus their minds and guide them safely.  But the good news is that you can install some basic traffic calming products without tearing up your car park.  It takes very little time to ensure your shop or restaurant car park is safer.  You don’t want your customers to be hurt, and you don’t want your company’s reputation to be hurt by reports of dangerous driving or injuries at your premises.  Here’s how you can improve your car park safety quickly and easily.

Simple Traffic Calming Products to Prevent Danger and Damage

Three key traffic calming products can transform your car park, making it safer and easier to navigate.  Best of all, you can have them installed with minimal disruption and mess.  You don’t need to tear the place apart.  

Traffic Bollards:  

You can use traffic bollards to create safe zones for pedestrians along the edge of your car park and to demarcate loading and pick up zones.  Choose from high visibility options such as yellow or reflective bollards.  Unlike crash barriers, bollards allow people to pass through them.  You can space them to either allow or prevent shopping trolleys from passing the line of bollards.

Speed Ramps:

Rubber speed ramps are a quick and easy solution to the problem of drivers failing to slow their speed adequately when they enter your car park.  Position them a short distance into your parking lot so people have a real chance to slow down.  Ideally, they can be placed so they do not abut parking spaces.  Rubber speed ramps and bumps come in a selection of heights.  Popular choices range from 50mm to 75 mm high.  Choose ones with safety yellow for maximum visibility and safety.

Protection Barriers:

A car dinging your building, shopping trolley bay, bike shelter or other structure once probably won’t do major damage.  But the wear and tear of countless small bumps adds up.  Over time, you could be looking at serious damage.  But metal protection barriers can prevent that.  Set up like fencing around structures you want to protect and the perimeter of your car park, they are unobtrusive yet highly effective protection.  

These three traffic calming products can make your car park safer for your visitors and your property.  They are three simple steps to a better business car park, and they are all completely customizable for your premises.

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