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How to Slow Traffic in a Medical Facility Car Park

Speed ramp car park

Car park facilities for medical facilities and care homes pose special challenges.  Pedestrians are generally ill or frail.  It isn’t safe to assume they are as alert to their surroundings as the general population.  Drivers are more likely to be upset.  Whether they are rushing to the A&E, going to their GP to get medical test results or visiting an elderly relative in hospice, they are preoccupied and distressed.  It’s an exceptionally dangerous combination of drivers and pedestrians.  But the right car park design and traffic calming products can make the car park outside your medical facility almost as safe as the treatment rooms inside it.

If your facility has an urgent care service or patients who arrive by ambulance, it makes sense to have two streams of traffic – regular and urgent.  Traffic bollards and good signage can make it clear which is which.  The regular traffic lane should have good speed ramps to keep people alert and encourage them to drive slowly.  The urgent traffic lane can have lower rubber speed ramps or none, depending on whether you are expecting ambulances bringing people in delicate condition.

Find the Right Traffic Calming Products

For regular GP surgeries, dental clinics and care homes, speed ramps are a good way to keep people to the speed limit.  Some types of facilities will see people tempted to park right up in front of the entrance doors rather than in an actual parking space.  Traffic bollards are effective at preventing people from blocking the doors.  You can also use a rows of traffic bollards as protection barriers to keep people from leaving their cars too close to the building.  This gives you a protected walkway for people approaching the entrance by walking along the building.  

Proper protection barriers are best in some situations.  The decision between traffic bollards and protection barriers really comes down to whether or not people need to cross the barrier.  You don’t want people forced to climb over protection barriers to reach your entrance.  But protection barriers are an excellent way to keep people off any landscaped areas outside your facility.

Because people are so distracted in these settings, it makes sense to invest in not only traffic calming products but some protective pieces for those times when someone manages to bump or ding some structure on your facility’s property.  Corner protectors are especially helpful, and protection barriers are invaluable.

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