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Top 10 Workplace Transport Safety Tips

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According to HSA (Health and Safety Authority), every year people are injured in accidents that involve transport at the workplace. Those accidents when not involving people tend to extend to the premises, equipment and/or vehicles.

Part of the responsibility for these events is weak management and poor safe systems at the workplace. Thinking about helping people HSA created simple tips that can be hand when designing a safe transport work.


  1. Control entry to your workplace.
  2. Keep pedestrians & vehicles apart.
  3. Eliminate vehicle reversing, where possible
  4. Provide clearly marked pedestrian walkways.
  5. Mark & signpost vehicle only areas
  6. Ensure all work areas are well lit.
  7. Keep traffic routes free of obstructions/mark permanent obstructions.
  8. Provide impact protection for vulnerable parts of the workplace such as lamp posts & columns.
  9. Provide & wear high visibility personal protective equipment.
  10. Accompany visitors.

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HSA – Workplace Transport

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